Worcestershire Sauce | 6-Pack (250ml)

  • This 6-Pack is ideal to cover you for all occasions.
    Enough to get you creating delicious meals with ease, with more sauce if you want to gift a bottle and ensure you don't run out too quickly.

  • Get excited about the most versatile 5-in-1 Worcestershire sauce.
    Whether you want to revamp your favourites and take your food to another level by packing a punch, impress your family and friends OR simply want to enjoy more meals with no extra effort, we've got you covered.

    We have a 100% Taste Guarantee...try it, love it or your money back!

  • Why we love our sauce:
    - 5-in-1, it's a Finishing sauce, Dipping sauce, Marinade, Cocktail sauce & Flavour enhancer
    - Versatile, it can be used everyday
    - Vegan, friendly for everyone
    - Small Batch, no mass production here
    - Naturally thick, so it won't run off your plate (or food!)
    - No Preservatives, no nasties
    - No Artificial Flavours, only real ingredients

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