Corporal Freddie is Frederick Cameron from Eaglehawk, Bendigo (VIC) and when he served in WWII was a Lance Corporal. Freddie is Mike's Pa and when he returned from the war this is where the creation of Freddie's homemade sauces began where Mike then grew up with Pa's sauce as a young child. You can read more about that over on 'Our Story'. We named the brand after Freddie in honour of his recipe's which have been handed down through the family and are still as original as the day they were created.

We make our sauce the same old fashioned way as it was created back in 1946. Starting with the traditional ingredients (listed below), all the ingredients are boiled for hours before it is passed through a food mill and then bottled. Each batch then sits for 2 weeks to mature and combine to create the Corporal Freddies flavour. An original family recipe handcrafted in small batched in Geelong, Victoria. 

Yes it is! Enjoy vegans.

No, the vinegar we use in our Worcestershire sauce is Malt Vinegar, which is made from Barley and Wheat and therefore Corporal Freddies is not Gluten Free (sorry).

We stand by our sauce 100% and guarantee you will love it! If you don't (even though we know you will), and you return them within 30 days of purchase we will provide a refund.

Yes and no, each batch is unique yet similar, as Corporal Freddies is handcrafted in small batches. That’s why is tastes so good!

Our sauce will last longer than it will take you to use it, however there is a best before sticker on the label which is 2 years from the production date.

The great debate! Our label advises to store in a cool dry place and once opened to refrigerate, however you can store Corporal Freddies in the pantry if you choose and it will continue to last and taste great. Remember to give it a good shake before each use and keep out of direct sunlight.

Again, Corporal Freddies will last longer than it will take you finish it, however we recommend to consume within 3 months of opening, but never fear it will last longer than that. Be sure to store it in a cool dry place and shake well before use. Legend has it that Worcestershire Sauce can last up to 1 year in the pantry and up to 3 years in the fridge.

You have a few options...

- Return your washed bottle (no lid) to us at CFHQ or one of our markets (for us to reuse) and get $0.50 off your next bottle purchase

- Recycle in your council glass recycling bin

- Refill from your 1 Litre bottle glass or PET plastic (available online now)

- Reuse in your pantry for other

We like to call them traditional ingredients because they were around when our recipe was first created back in 1946. These ingredients include: Malt Vinegar (Barley, Wheat, Colour (Caramel 111)), Apple, Sugar, Treacle, Salt, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Spices.

On our Sauce Shop here on our website, or in our independent grocers in and around the Geelong region. Check out our Stockists for details.

Our favourite is to start the day with Corporal Freddies with a BBQ breakfast of eggs, tomato, bacon and toast with a (healthy) drizzle all over the plate as a finishing sauce.

Corporal Freddies is so versatile it can be used in many ways, check out The Sauce for more info.

You can drop us a  line at info@corporalfreddies.com.au with any questions you may have.


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