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  • 101 Ways to use Worcestershire Sauce

    July 27, 2021

    Hamburger BBQ Sauce

    Are you excited, because we are! It’s a common question we hear “how to use Worcestershire sauce?”.

    Well we are here to tell you how you can use our Worcestershire in 101 ways, now we can’t guarantee that these ways will taste as good with any other Worcestershire Sauce than Corporal Freddies.

    And to help you digest this (pun intended), we have broken it down into five categories, these categories are the five different ways we like to say you can use Corporal Freddies and they are, as a...

    - Finishing Sauce
    - Dipping Sauce
    - Marinade
    - Cocktail Sauce and
    - Flavour Enhancer.

    Ok let’s get stuck right in……

    To kick things off we will start with the cocktails, and why not. Of course, there is the much loved and classic;
    1. Bloody Mary, we even have our own version, The Cheeky Mary
    2. Virgin Mary, 
    3. Bloody Bull
    4. Michelada
    5. Red Snapper.

    Next up is something you may not think to do with Worcestershire and that is use it as a dipping sauce.

    You see, Corporal Freddies has its own flavour and is actually perfect as a dipping sauce. Our favourites for dipping are;

    6. Corn Chips,
    7. Dim Sims,
    8. Dumplings,
    9. Mini Meatballs,
    10. Party Pies,
    11. Pasties,
    12. Prawns,
    13. Sausage Rolls,
    14. Spring Rolls and
    15. Tempura Veggies.

    So, the next time you are looking for a quick and easy dipping sauce, grab your bottle of Corporal Freddies.

    It’s now time to get into some serious seasoning by using Worcestershire as a marinade, and what’s better yet, you don’t even need to spend time making up the marinade with Corporal Freddies.

    All you need to do is simply use it on its own, straight out of the bottle, how good is that! With marinading, it is totally up to you for how long you marinade for, we find that longer is better if you have the time.

    Though same day marinading will work by getting it ready in the morning for that evening, and if you are marinading smaller pieces (like cubes), this can also have a reduced marinade time of a few hours.

    Prawn Dipping Worcestershire Sauce

    Ok here goes,
    16. BBQ Prawns, good old fashioned (and now no longer boring),
    17. Chicken Drumsticks and
    18. Chicken Wings
    19. Pulled Pork,
    20. Beef Ribs,
    21. Pork Ribs.
    Up level your Sunday Roast with
    22. Roast Beef Glaze,
    23. Roast Chicken Glaze,
    24. Roast Lamb Glaze,
    25. Roast Pork Glaze,
    26. Roast Turkey Glaze and
    27. Ham Glaze,
    28. Beef Skewers and
    29. Chicken Skewers
    30. Steak and lastly for our vegan friends, as you know our Worcestershire is vegan friendly, blog, your
    31. Tofu will taste oh so good. 

    This next category is the traditional way we find that most people tend to use Worcestershire Sauce, and that is as a flavour enhancer. It’s a great way to add that bit of extra flavour without taking away the main flavours.

    Many of our customers say that Corporal Freddies is the (not so) secret ingredient in many of these meals.

    32. Pasta (you choose) then the classic,
    33. Spaghetti Bolognese,
    34. Beef Stroganoff,
    35. Casserole,
    36. Chow Mein,
    37. Meatloaf,
    38. Soups,
    39. Stews,
    40. Stir-frys,
    41. Homemade Baked Beans,
    42. Mac-n-Cheese,
    43. French Onion Dip,
    44. Beef & Beer Pie
    45. Cottage Pie,
    46. Shepherds Pie,
    47. Steak, Mushroom & Guinness Pie,
    48. Burger Mince,
    49. Sauce Roll Mince

    50. Stuffed Baked Potatoes,
    51. Stuffed Capsicums,
    52. Grilled Cheese,
    53. Toasties, which is one of our favourite ways to use it. 
    54. Welsh Rarebit
    55. BBQ Sauce
    56. Gravy,
    57. Mushroom Sauce,
    58. Pizza Sauce,
    59. Plum Sauce,
    60. Prawn Cocktail Sauce,
    61. Seafood Sauce,
    62. Steak Diane Sauce,
    63. Salad Dressing
    (of your choice) and another classic;
    64. Caesar Salad Dressing.

    Ok, we are more than half-way, can you believe it, we can, and we hope you are enjoying some new ways you can create taste sensations and enjoy more meals.

    Steak Worcestershire Sauce

    Alright, here comes the last category and probably our favourite, not to mention hands down the easiest, and that’s using Worcestershire as a finishing sauce.

    Whether it’s a drizzle of a drowning, you will surely enjoy these meals that little bit more.

    65. Bacon,
    66. BBQ Fry-up,
    67. Beef Burgers,
    68. Mushroom Burgers,
    69. Veggie Burgers,
    70. BLT, and for the fancy types again,
    71. BLAT,
    72 Meatball Sub,
    73. Steak Sandwich,
    74. Sausage in bread,
    75. Grilled Mushroom (on toast),
    76. Grilled Tomato (on toast).
    And for all our meat lovers, these next ones are for you;
    77. Lamb Chops,
    78. Pork Chops,
    79. Lamb Cutlets,
    80. Pork Cutlets,
    81. Beef Sausages,
    82. Chicken Sausages,
    83. Pork Sausages and
    84. Steak (a big crowd pleaser).
    Seafood lovers will love;
    85. Oysters Kilpatrick and
    86. Oysters Natural.
    87. Pizza is a surprisingly super tasty way to enjoy Corporal Freddies, check out Transform your pizza night, you will love our chicken pizza recipe.
    88. Veggies (your favourite way). 
    And the most popular one is used with eggs;
    89. Boiled eggs and soldiers,
    90. Corn
    91. Frittata,
    92 Egg & Bacon Pie
    93. Egg and Bacon Roll,
    94. Fried Eggs,
    95. Poached Eggs,
    96. Scrambled Eggskids love it this way!
    97. Baked Eggs,
    98. French Toast,
    99. Omelette,
    100. Quiche. 

    One more left to list, and this is the one when we are told, ‘we love your sauce’ and we then ask ‘what is your favourite way to have it?’.

    We get told so many times on 101. Everything, and once you get a taste of Corporal Freddies Worcestershire sauce you will be saying it too.

    We are sure there are more ways to use Worcestershire sauce than our list, but this is a bloody good start, don’t you think!

    Need our Worcestershire Sauce to try many of these ideas, head on over to shop our sauce.

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